"He is the boy who blows bubbles while other kids play, he doesn't lose sleep over what people say.

He finds joy in freeing balloons to the air, letting them go without ever a care.  His arms are wings only he can see, soaring to destinations he'd rather be.

He's shown me beauty in wind blown leaves on trees and the sweet sweet songs of honeybees.

He's why I'm awake, the reason I'm here, to bring you truth and destroy your fear, for a life and future that could have been saved by trusting my gut and the instinct God gave.

He gives beauty for ashes, peace for despair and a voice to speak out because of how much I care..."

It's the boy next door, your nephew, your friends daughter, a boy in your child's class, most of us know someone whose life who has been touched by autism.  With autism affecting 1 in 36 now, it is in fact, difficult to find someone who is unfamiliar with the term "Autism"  More children are diagnosed with autism than any other childhood diseases combined. I think its safe to say Autism has become a national epidemic.

Despite alarming pleas, testimonies and stories from literally thousands of parents with almost identical stories and Autism rates skyrocketing, still little is being done to assess and pre-screen potentially at-risk individuals.  Even more disheartening are the diminutive efforts being offered by traditional western medicine in the healing and recovery process of autism (yes, recovery is possible in many cases).  This has left people like myself to pursue alternative avenues of healing that won't mask the problem and create dependency but treat and heal the body from a holistic approach.

Recommended books, doctors and websites that have been valuable tools concerning my son's recovery:

"The environmental and Genetic causes of Autism" by James Lyons-Weiler PHD

"Healing the New Childhood Epidemics..the 4 A's (autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies)" by Kenneth Bock M.D. and Cameron Stauth

"Disconnected kids" by Dr. Robert Melillo

"Eat it and beat it..getting over autism" by Jane Casey,